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People always asked what are the best game mode in NBA 2K21? MyTeam! Here we introduce you to the best pink diamonds in NBA 2K21 MyTEAM! To obtain pink diamonds what should you do? You can play triple treat online or find locker codes. Now, let's check the best pink diamonds in NBA 2K21! If you want to buy NBA 2K21 MT coins for sale, buynba2kmt.com is the best and safest website!


Paul Pierce - The card comes from MT mode, 68 wins reward

Height: 2m

Badge: 3 purple 20 gold 6 Silver 2 copper

Total attribute: 3355

Three shots: 92 + 92 + 92

Three speed: 81 + 80 + 75

The scoring ability of the pink diamond leather team is not that good. Except for the 90 + free throw, the score of the inside line is a little worse than the back hook; Defensive attributes in the current forward environment is no problem, the lowest blocking attribute is 50

The disadvantages are organization and rebounds. Compared with the above three events, the organization and rebounds are a little worse


Stephen Curry - The card comes from MT mode season level 40 award

Height: 1.90 meters

Badge: 6 Purple 37 Gold 3 Silver 2 copper

Total attribute: 3307

Three shots: 90 + 93 + 98

Three speed: 92 + 92 + 92

This pink diamond Curie is the only active card in this issue of pink diamond collection. As a full vote MVP PG, Curie's projection ability and organization can be well reflected on this card. His sports ability is also excellent, and his defensive attribute is the lowest block 47

The disadvantage is scoring and rebounding in the interior, but I think you can understand that the model is there, and curry is not famous for his defense


Marquis Jensen - The card comes from MT mode token exchange

Height: 2m

Badge: 3 purple and 10 gold

Total attribute: 3511

Three shots: 96 + 94 + 75

Three speed: 91 + 88 + 75

This card comes from the retired players in ancient times. The total attribute is higher than that of the leather team. The lowest three-point attribute is 75, and the ability of movement is only two or three points lower than the score attribute of the inside line

There are no obvious shortcomings, the model is general, but it is enough in the current frontal environment


Elgin Baylor - the card comes from the award of MT mode

Height: 1.95M

Badge: 2 purple 17 gold 7 Silver 3 copper

Total attributes: 3484

Three shots: 91 + 88 + 87

Three speed: 95 + 94 + 85

In this picture, Baylor has the lowest shooting ability, 84 free throws, excellent athletic ability / defense / rebounding, excellent scoring in the interior line, and green organization in controlling the ball and moving speed

There are not many shortcomings, such as the ability to hold the ball and speed is less than 80, the ability to steal and block is less than 70, and the most important thing is that his height of 1.95 meters can only play SF, and his model is slightly inferior


Bernard King-The card comes from MT mode token exchange

Height: 2m

Badge: 2 purple 19 gold 2 silver 1 copper

Total attribute: 3360

Three shots: 95 + 90 + 68

Three speed: 89 + 89 + 81

This card Is worse than the above ones. The ability of shooting and scoring in the interior are OK, but the defensive attributes are blocked and the rebounding ability is not good

The disadvantages are defensive attributes, three points, rebounding and passing ability, height of 2 meters, playing SG in today's environment still has certain advantages


Bob cushy - The card comes from MT mode dream transaction

Height: 1.85 M

Badge: 4 purple 22 gold 1 silver 1 copper

Total attributes: 3347

Three shots: 88 + 94 + 90

Three speed: 93 + 93 + 93

Bob cusy needs 18 bronze cards, 16 emerald cards, 5 Ruby point guard cards, 2 Amethyst Laker cards, 5 Amethyst cards and 1 diamond card. Those who have ideas can prepare

As a short PG, his ability of projection and organization is not to say, defensive ability is the highlight, sports ability can also be

Disadvantages are defensive and rebounding ability, the most important is the model is too short, 185 height


George McCann - The card comes from the award of MT mode

Height: 2.08 m

Badge: 3 purple 27 gold

Total attribute: 3337

Three shot: 98 + 90 + 80

Three speed: 69 + 57 + 55

As a C / PF card, McCann's defensive attributes are not very good. It's no problem to shoot (three points to 80), score in the interior and rebound

The disadvantage is that the organization ability is too poor, the speed is poor, and the defensive ability is not good enough.


If you still want to overpowered pink diamonds, read NBA 2K21 Best Pink Diamond Cards.

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